Based in Vilnius, Lithuania

Founding date:
August 17, 2013


Press / Business contact:



Vasario 16 st. 2-39

+370 655 200 52


My name is DBabicius and I create minimalist games with unique ideas. A survival horror game consisting of a single image. A reversed Arkanoid-like game where you protect the blocks. A game with story, bosses and multiplayer where everything is a loading screen. The list goes on. Simple originality is my goal and purpose.


Early Steps

OK, here's how it all began. I started working on video games in 2013. My first project was a satirical endless runner “Flying Beauty” which I created with my friends during a weekend. It earned us Best Game Award in Lithuania’s largest hackathon event, AppCamp 2013. At the time I had no programming skills whatsoever, so I contributed as the game designer and manager. Shortly afterwards, I was employed by Nordcurrent, Lithuania’s leading casual game studio. However, I always dreamt of the time when I could focus on my own projects and develop new indie games from scratch.

Creating PyroMind

I realized that the fastest way to start fulfilling my ideas was to become a programmer myself. Thus I acquired a professional Game Maker: Studio license and dedicated my spare time learning to code. After a while, I entered AppCamp 2014, this time as a programmer, backed up by my friend and visual designer Vaclav. Yet again, and to our great surprise, we managed to win the best game award with a new explosive puzzle game PyroMind. Starting small, PyroMind soon became my personal white whale, the project I was constantly updating, expanding with new features and adapting for various platforms.

Recent Events

As Vaclav was busy with other projects at the time, I soon got used to working alone – a lone wolf indie game developer bent on a quest for originality and simplicity. In 2015 I won Login Conference Jury’s Special Prize for my game Invader Squad – a real strategy twist on a classic space invaders game. As luck would have it, my other games: puzzle game 9 Squares, Arkanoid-inspired RTS called Gadix and one button multiplayer games Indrix and Gravity Tag were all awarded in Lithuania’s major hackathon events. PyroMind, which has been considerably improved since its early days, currently became a finalist at Nordic Game Discovery Contest. Unique gameplay and stylistic simplicity remain my main focus points.



PyroMind Release Trailer YouTube

PyroMind Multiplayer Gameplay YouTube


SCR2 Indrix Screen.png
SCR2 Gadix Screen.png
SCR3 Loading Screenshot.png
SCR5 Multiplayer 2.png

There are far more images available for DBabicius, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "AppCamp 2013, Best Game award." - Flying Beauty, 2013
  • "AppCamp 2014, Best Game award." - PyroMind, 2014
  • "Hacker Games 2015 Vilnius Hackathon - Best Game award." - 9 Squares, 2015
  • "MIDI Game Creators’ Hackathon 2016 – 2nd place." - Invader Squad, 2016
  • "Login AppCamp Hackathon – Special Jury award." - Invader Squad, 2016
  • "Hacker Games 2016 Vilnius Hackathon - Best Game award." - Gadix, 2016
  • "Hacker Games 2016 Klaipeda Hackathon - Unity award." - Indrix, 2016
  • "Baltic Innovation Forum Start Up Pitch Session – Best Start Up award." - Gauntlet Productivity App, 2016
  • "Play4Work Entrepreneurship Workshop – Team Challenge award." - Mentoring Network Pitch, 2016
  • "Hacker Games 2016 Vilnius 2nd Hackathon – Best Game award." - Gravity Tag, 2016
  • "Nordic Games Discovery Contest - finalist." - PyroMind, 2017
  • "Nordic Game Discovey Contest - Best Game award." - BlockedOut, 2017

Pocket Gamer Connects Experience
My interview where I tell about my trip to PGConnects startuplithuania.lt.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Dmitrijus Babicius
Game Developer

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