Based in Vilnius, Lithuania

Release date:
15 September, 2017

PC / Mac


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PyroMind is an action puzzle game that goes boom! Conceived as a strange love letter to Minesweeper, Snake and Pong, the game tasks you with defusing bombs and evading chain reactions in a merciless spectacle of explosions and narrow escapes. Play alone, challenge a friend or confront a bot. Choose your own pace, as the gameplay combines both real time and turn-based elements. Just be prepared to die a lot when shooting for a high score. After all, explosive environment is hazardous for your health.


The prototype of PyroMind was created by a programmer Dmitrijus Babicius and visual designer Vaclav Marcenkevic during AppCamp 2014 – Lithuania's largest annual hackathon. The duo had been dreaming of crafting a game that would feel as simple, universal and refreshing as Tetris in its early days. After two days of work, the presented prototype was received exceptionally well by the jury, and was awarded the Best Game prize. However, it was not before a couple of years later when Dmitrijus returned to game development, determined to finish the game and release it on Steam. Today, upgraded with multiplayer, bot battles, new mechanics, and bosses, PyroMind is here to deliver hours of deadly explosive fun for players of all ages.


  • Mercilessly explosive gameplay full of bombs, booms and zaps.
  • Unique and simple mechanic that combines turn based puzzle solving with real time action.
  • 3 distinct modes: Classic Mode, Time Trial and Battle Arena.
  • Local multiplayer where your friends explode and are fried with lasers.
  • An option to battle bots or even pit two bots against each other.
  • Things to unlock: modes, multiplayer arenas, skins, bombs and bot types.
  • 15 different character skins.
  • Full controller support and keyboard coantrols customization.


Steam Release Trailer YouTube

Multiplayer Gameplay YouTube

Single Player Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "NGDC Qualifier Award" Nordic Games Discovery Contest, 16 September, 2017
  • "Best Game Award" AppCamp Lt, 26 October, 2013
  • "Most Internet Votes for a game" StartUp Awards 2014, 10 December

Nordic Game Discovery Contest Finalist
PyroMind wins NGDC qualifier at GameOn nordicgame.com.

Greenlight Page
PyroMind was one of the last games to get greenlit. You can check out its page here. steamcommunity.com.

About DBabicius

My name is DBabicius and I create minimalist games with unique ideas. A survival horror game consisting of a single image. A reversed Arkanoid-like game where you protect the blocks. A game with story, bosses and multiplayer where everything is a loading screen. The list goes on. Simple originality is my goal and purpose.

More information
More information on DBabicius, our logo & relevant media are available here.

PyroMind Credits

Dmitrijus Babicius
Game Design, Business and Development

Vaclav Marcenkevic
Lead Artist

Rasa Pempe
Assisting Artist

Justinas Krasuckas
Assisting Artist, Freelancer

Aleksandr Jerochin

Ignas Versinskas
Composer and Editor, Freelancer

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